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Evoke your Power

Flow, Sculpt. Burn, and Restore.

e·voke /əˈvōk/

(verb) To bring or recall to the conscious mind. To invoke, give rise to, bring forth, elicit, kindle, stimulate, stir up, awaken, arouse, raise.

(noun) Physical might, Ability to act or produce an effect, possession of control, authority, or influence, mental or moral efficacy 

Our Why

Evoke Power was created by Dee Maloney in May 2021 to bring the healing benefits of yoga and pilates to anyone in need. For over a decade, Dee has been practicing and teaching hot yoga in Massachusetts--sharing her journey and experiences with anyone that will listen.

Through these daily doses of self-care on her mat, Dee started to first realize the physical benefits of her practice: healing old injuries, reducing or eliminating the pain caused by her TMJ and scoliosis, removing numbness in her leg, improving flexibility and circulation, regulating her thyroid glands and digestive tract, clearing her skin from Eczema, and much more. Very quickly Dee learned that this new form of self-care was the only way, and beyond the physical benefits, she received countless mental benefits as well including reduced anxiety, increased patience, and increased power over her fear of public speaking.

Dee grew up on Cape Cod and has always loved being close to the water. Dee chose the Starfish as the logo of Evoke Power to signify the healing power we all have inside ourselves. Just as a Starfish is able to regenerate a limb after it has been injured, so too can we awaken and give rise to our own self-healing. Dee has seen the power of this healing through her own personal journey and has made it her life's mission to share with anyone willing to invest in themselves. She's watched the magic of this practice over and over again, healing broken hearts and bodies, providing comfort for the grieving, and evoking self-confidence and inner strength in those willing to put in the hard work. 

If you are ready to heal and want to get yourself into a better physical and mental space, Evoke Power is the place for you. Our community is unrivaled on the Cape and we would love to open our doors to you. It's time to make our studio your safe space to heal and grow.  

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